Megaman Caps

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Indications: Potency problems, ejaculation proecox  and sex disturbances           

Ingredients :Musali, Gokharu, Ashwagandha, Satavari, Bala, Kaunch seeds,

Shilajeet, Akarkara and Makardhwaj

Musali(H.orchiodes) : General debility and impotence. 

Gokharu(P.murex) : Importance and urinary disorder. 

Ashwagandha(W.somnifera): Nervine tonic and sexsual stamina.

Satawari(A.racumosus): Nutritive tonic and Seminal debility.

 Bala(Side cordifolia) :Nervine tonic, seminal quality and enhances erection. 

Kauncha Seed (Mucunaprurita) :Nervine tonic, and sexsual health. 

Shilajeet(Refind) : Reproductive health and sexualdisorders. 

Akarkara : Aphrodisiac.

Doses: 1-2 tabs daily at bed time or as directed by the physician

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