About Us

India is known for its medicinal plants and herbs, along with its vast climatic zones it also provides us with organic and herbal concoctions that have been known to cure the most long-lasting illnesses. In the current scenario, especially post-pandemic care has become our utmost priority. Practicing the good old methods inspired by Ayurveda, Sushruta, Charaka, and even homeopathy we have curated our medicinal formulas that are easier and much more effective on our systems.

We are committed to creating a herbal ecosystem that is specifically curated to look after our daily nutrition needs. We strive to formulate a herbal concoction that is safe from any side effects as well as creating a healthier lifestyle. Owing to the current scenario we offer a complete range of immunity-boosting options. As an established organic industry we are committed to an enhanced quality of herbal ingredients and making them substantially sourced and fairly traded.

RASRAJ, established in 1980 by Late Shri Ram Kripal Gupta, was later taken over by present CMD Mr. Mukul Gupta and accelerated to a manufacturing unit in Varanasi. RASRAJ is now a leading Ayurvedic medicine manufacturing and marketing company in India.